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His wife Annaliese gave him a special pair of En Chroma glasses that allowed him to see the different colors properly.Brindley became emotional when he could see his daughter Kyler's hazel-green eyes for the first time.When I was 13 years old, I asked my parents how they would feel if I married a black man. I assumed they were thinking of the perfect, color blind response considering I was dating a young black man.To this day, I remember my mother’s exact words: “Nicole, you can marry whoever you want in life, but I would be concerned for you and your children.Pictured: The Brindley family Approximately one in 20 people suffer from color blindness, a condition that makes the world a duller place to look at.According to the National Eye Institute, it affects one in 200 women in the world and one in 12 men.Last weekend, Screen Gems’ suspense-thriller “The Perfect Guy” won the box office with a gross of nearly million.It was the fifth consecutive weekend that a film starring black actors took the No. (Hip-hop biopic “Straight Outta Compton” and Christian-themed drama “War Room” won the previous weekends with openings of million and million, respectively.) This has resulted in several trend pieces about “black films” being hot right now, an assertion that seems to surface whenever more than one film with black stars has a notable run of critical or commercial acclaim.

Second, the paper uses the notion of tone-deafness to analyze contemporary educational research on English language education. I don’t live in a cloud of naiveté, but I wish racial, religious, ethnic, sexual, and gender prejudices would cease to exist.In my quest for answers, I decided I would ask my valued friend and colleague, Jackie Summers, about his thoughts on racism in the 21century, what Black History Month means to him, and the concept of a “White America” and a “Black America.”Every time I ask Jackie a question, I’m met with truth, compassion, sagacity, and of course, humor.His powerful perspective continues to transform my world.♦◊♦Since 1976, the month of February has been designated as Black History Month. Do you actively honor your heritage during the month of February? As a historian I see innate value in the observation of Black History Month, as black history is American history, despite the fact that the people charged with recording history prefer to ignore this.As watermelon is still at least five months out of season, my ability to honor my cultural heritage is severely impeded. There is, for example, a movement right now in Tennessee to erase the mention of slavery from history books, despite the fact that American wealth was created on the literal backs of a slave labor force.

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