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“We’re using the same philosophy to enable private parties to be open to new and socially sought-after attendees.

The door to Yeardley Love's apartment remained open Tuesday as the University of Virginia lacrosse star's roommates, assisted by friends and relatives, packed their belongings into boxes and plastic bags.

Global Health, Brain and Cognition and Systems Biology receive extra funding from the Executive Board of the Uv A.

With the long-term, extra funding from the Executive Board of the Uv A ‘Medical Integromics’ has started in the AMC, a joined research initiative of Cardiovascular Diseases, Infection and Immunity and Metabolic Diseases.

The best-connected get to compete to throw a ,000* sponsored party, and winners will be invited to tour college campuses as one of its “ultimate party liaisons,” hosting after-hours throwdowns across the country.

If you’re scratching your head over the wisdom of electronically inviting strangers to your house party, the company’s thought of that, said Talbot.

Welcome to the Student Projects and Events page of Information Sciences at the University of Amsterdam!

Here we help students and organisations to find each other, so that together they will make great graduation projects happen.

Facilitating and improving the way people access media and communicate with others and the environment, in areas such as wearable technology and smart textiles, immersive media, languages and infrastructures.Organisations can be companies but also research institutes, government organisations.If you want to contribute a project proposal then contact the coordinator of one of the programmes.High on the list is UVA, where Kick On is launching what Talbot called a “modern-day popularity contest” as a way to up its profile.Students apply online to allow the company to access and analyze their social media networks.

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