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If you arrive in Vietnam with a written approval letter for a visa to be issued on arrival, you'll need $US or Vietnam Dong cash to pay the fee.If your visa expires or is otherwise no longer valid, you could face delays and fines when leaving Vietnam.Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) change regularly. Foreigners entering Vietnam are no longer permitted to change the status of their entry visa (such as tourist visa or spouse visa) to any other visa type (such as a working visa) in-country.In order to obtain a visa extension from the Vietnamese immigration authorities (including for overstaying your visa), your passport must have at least six months' validity remaining at the time of application. For up-to-date information, check with the nearest .These are emergency tactics, not suggestions on how to run your regular transport needs.If a ticket inspector gets on board, you'll face hefty fines and I will have zero sympathy for you.As a rule, inner-city train stations have ticket barriers, which makes it hard to travel without a ticket.There's often one wide gate designed for prams and people with suitcases though, and sometimes this will be open and you can brazenly walk through it.

Public transport is underfunded enough as it is, and failing to purchase a ticket deprives the system of revenue and usage data.

Safe sex is also called ‘safer sex’ to highlight the fact that condoms and other barrier methods are not 100 per cent effective in preventing STIs.

However, condoms do offer the best available protection when used correctly.

If you're on your way to work and realise that you've forgotten your weekly ticket, knowing which stations aren't supervised and hence allow you to exit and buy a ticket for that one journey is a lot cheaper than being hit with a penalty fare from a grumpy railway worker.

And a final point: these tactics are based on observation — I've never tried any of them myself, because I'm majorly self-righteous like that.

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