Is mindless behavior dating anyone

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But him *points to diggy* Has a few mixtapes and appeared on Runs House and you like him better. you guys have enough fans im just not crazy about you Ray: Hmmm figures but if Diggy says lets go to his house, you would be flying huh Yn: :o what Ray: nun Yn: no I heard what you said, dont play me you dont know me. O Yn: What Roc: s-s-so y-you-your my sister o.o Yn: yea I guess Roc: *runs downstairs* MOMMMMMMM!!!!!

Diggy: ayee dont forget the Scream Tour nigga Yn: I didnt say I dont like you. Maria: What Chresanto Everyone else comes downstairs including Yn Roc: So thats the girl that is moving in with us Yn: *Spits out her juice* WHAT!!!!!???? John: You didnt tell her did you Lynda Lynda: Well I was going to ...

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Alongside Megan & Liz, and Kicking Daisies, the groups have selected a unique new Ring Pop flavor and want your votes to win.

The band whose flavor is selected will see its Ring Pop arrive in store shelves this summer and receive a donation to their favorite charity. Mindless Behavior chose to the fun Tropical Punch flavor — yummy.

Yn: I am not moving in with these people Lynda: But honey me and your father talked and he is sorry for leaving you and Sabrina Yn: What about Sabrina Lynda: Well she is grown now Yn: So you are leaving me here John: listen Yn, me and your mother talked about this already (GCO) (A/N ; By the way "GCO" means Gets Cut Off) Yn: NO, JUST SHUT UP !! She kept walking, and walking, and walking and finally she gave up and sat on a curb.

I CANT BELIEVE YOU DIDNT TELL ME MOM *Tear falls down cheek* I HATE YOU ... She ran out if the house and as far away as she could get. While Yn is looking down at her shoes a Jeep pulls up. : Hey you need a ride Yn: um sorry I dont talk to strangers ??? One had Pink and Blonde hair, One had blue and orange hair, and there was a boy that was fine ass hell. They all looked like a million bucks, like they were dolls that only rich kids afford. : *stares and smiles at Yn* and I am (GCO) Bahja: TAKEN Everyone Ex/ Jacob&Yn burst out laughing Nique: yeah dont forget you are going out with Loudres (A/N ; Loudres AKA Lo Lo is Bahja real sister) ???

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