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however as the user doesnt navigate between cells or rows in the datagridview.

just enters data in a cell in the datagridview and then clicks a save button the cellvalidating event doesnt get fired. Data Table dt Source = new Data Table(); #region Data Table Creation dt Source.

All of the rows in the first column of this file need to be checked upon loading so that the length of its contents will be exactly 17 characters.

Here's what I've come up with: Suppose I load a file with a row that has 18 characters (or anything different than 17).

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The enumerations used by sizing properties and methods have similar values for content-based sizing.There are times when you need to allow the users to insert additional items into the Combo Box control.First, service the Editing Control Showing event of the Data Grid View control. Add("Numeric Column3"); #endregion #region Add Rows dt Source. Data Source = dt Source; My objective is to check if a user has entered anything in any of the cell apart from a numeric value, then upon clicking on the SAVE button an error message should be populated.

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