Viggo dating

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But he just doesn't scream "I'm famous." Plus, he's dressed like everyone around him, in a plaid flannel shirt, generic jeans (they're not even Levi's), and old black sneakers he got in Denmark a couple decades ago. Then he did something truly bizarre by Hollywood standards. I ask Robin what Mortensen was like in high school. "He was a blond, beautiful, that's what he was."Mortensen has never been like the other boys and girls.Mortensen success in his career path has paid him well successfully making his net worth estimated to be million.There is no doubt that he is currently living a luxurious lifestyle.

is an actor/ writer/ poet/ musician/ photographer and painter.Multi-talented Viggo Mortensen is not just famous towards his career path as an actor, author, musician, photographer, poet, and painter but he is also famous for his relationship affairs.Mortensen has double American-Danish citizenship and talks familiar English, Danish, and Spanish.At tonight's Academy Awards, Viggo Mortensen has been nominated for Best Actor for his role in Captain Fantastic.Mortensen plays Ben, a father who has raised his six children in the Pacific Northwest but must integrate his kids into society after his wife's death.

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