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Word Press can be used as a simple blogging platform, to build basic websites, sell physical products or downloads, create discussion forums, and much more.

A membership website is, in a nutshell, a website that charges for access to protected content. There is no shortage of membership plugins for Word Press and this post is not intended to be a review of any of them.

I will say that I have a lot of experience with Woo Themes Groups/Subscriptions for Woo Commerce and Member Press.

Both are great options for creating a membership website because they work well and integrate with the Word Press ecosystem (meaning they don’t create an entirely new application that sits on top of Word Press).

From there, I had a blank canvas to start creating the landing page for my new course, Freelance Academy.

I branded the course ahead of time and designed the logo, headers and other visuals in Adobe Illustrator, so they were all set and ready to go.

If those are the reasons, talk more about how to fix the issue that is stopping the developer.

Every year tends to be accompanied by an almost incredible influx of new inventions and possibilities…

Membership sites continue to snowball in popularity and functionality.

To see why this idea makes sense, let’s take a look at what every membership plugin does at its core. Since selling paid memberships (or free ones) is to grant access to protected content, we need a way to protect that content.

It’s important to know what to look for in a Word Press membership site developer, because finding the wrong one can be very frustrating.

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Before beginning, I want to mention that this post was inspired by Chris Lema’s series on Word Press membership plugins, especially his post on why many stand-alone membership plugins won’t work.

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