Updating firmware on dsr 4410md

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Our specialties are data and video applications and infrastructure, and the consumer experience.We provide lifecycle services to help plan, design, implement and operate integrated solutions for ARRIS and third-party products.The DSR-4460 comes equipped with industry standard output interfaces such as Gig-E and dual ASI outputs that enable seamless connections to headend equipment.With advanced modulation support, the DSR-4460 supports both DVB-S QPSK and DVB-S2 QPSK/8PSK.NOTE – The Upgrade process will need the following: • Console Cable • tftp server • Firmware – Download the latest firmware on our website • Pu TTy Step 1 – Connect the serial port of the DSR with your PC and an Ethernet cable to a port on the DSR and connected to a switch on the same network Step 2 – Open the tftp server and put the firmware of the DSR into the root folder For example: C:\Program Files\Tftpd64 Step 3 – Open Pu TTy and setup a COM port (this will be present in device manager) Step 4 – Click on “Open” Step 5 – Hit enter key and you should be presented with the Login screen DSR-1000N login: admin Password: admin Step 6 – Enter the following command to enter into the system time configuration D-Link DSR Step 8 – Enter the following command to set the DSR to the subnet of host D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv ipaddr Step 9 – Enter the following command to the IP of the host where the tftp resides D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv serverip Step 10 – Enter the following command to set all tftp transfers on LAN ports D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv ethact octeth0 Step 11 – Enter the following command to firmware flash and erase D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# setenv firm_flash 'erase BDCA0000 BF99FFFF; cp.b 0xaa00000 BDCA0000 1D00000' Step 12 – Enter the following command to sabe D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# saveenv Step 13 – Enter the following command: D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# tftp 0x AA00000 DSR-1000N_A1_FW1.09B61_WW (this is the FULL name of the firmware as shown below) You should also notice the tftp server starting the file transfer Step 14 – Enter the following command to run flash firmware and wait until complete D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# run firm_flash Step 15 – Enter the following command to boot firmware D-Link DSR-1000N bootloader# run boot_firm Once the flashing of the image is complete, you will see the u-boot prompt again.

The C4 CMTS allows an operator to cost-effectively deploy DOCSIS, Packet Cable™, DSG/ADSG, and Packet Cable Multimedia (PCMM™) services.

It comes equipped with industry-standard interfaces, such as dual ASI outputs, that enable seamless connection to headend equipment.

The DSR-4410MD offers local monitoring of a single service and the ability to step through the authorization and encryption state of each service.

A trusted ally, providing expert lifecycle services to help service providers transform how they deliver entertainment and communications.

With over 850 technical professionals in over 40 countries, ARRIS Global Services helps service providers grow their business by getting to market faster, reducing operating expenses, streamlining operations and ensuring high service availability.

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