Alex rodriguez dating history

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It was Lopez's second marriage after her 1997-1998 union with model/ waiter Ojani Noa.

"Coming out of a torrid relationship, I meet this sweet person who's so refreshing," Lopez later told Vibe about embarking on a whirlwind romance with Judd after ending things with Combs. I thought I had learned that in my first marriage ...

We can't believe he's a Jennifer Lopez booty analyst now, as well. According to the original news item, Rodriguez and Lopez aren't ready to walk any red carpets just yet.

But they are not hiding their feelings for each other from close friends or family members, either.

I loved Cris, still love him, he's one of the best people.

The man has already genuflected at the baseball altar seeking forgiveness with words. But now, we are witnessing what my colleague called a “renaissance” in behavior.

The Yankees played a ballgame yesterday, and they won again.

But you’d have to dig long and hard to find that news because the bigger story is that Alex Rodriguez is dating Jennifer Lopez (again).

Lopez and Combs were music's power couple from 1999 to 2001.

The rapper was by her side for some of her most iconic red carpet moments, including the sultry green Versace dress she wore to the Grammys in 2000.

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