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Who knew there would be an HPV vaccine that would help to limit the spread of this STD in the future?

Basically, a lot of things are changing with regards to dating and STD's. PLEASE take the time to Google what is happening with various STD's.

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If you have an STD and you're looking for love, you've come to the right place.As for an actual date, I usually tell the person on the second date.And I tell every potential sex partner before having sex. Guess what...a LOT of people are, and they are not to be blamed, or feared, or stigmatized. With the advent of PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) and TASP (Treatment as Prevention), many people are HIV Positive, but UNDETECTABLE..which means it is VERY difficult to contract the disease from them.Everyone should practice safe sex regardless of the knowledge of your partners STD status, but avoiding people due to their STD status is becoming less justifiable as progress is made in fighting these diseases.

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