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To further complicate this task, the information available on configuring the newer and more user-preferred devices (touch screens, color backlit display, etc.) is extremely sparse and largely unconfirmed.After heading up the deployment of 3 small Asterisk based PBX deployments, all of which were to make use of various different Cisco IP Phone models; a great deal of information about these phones has been collected.This involves setting up a tftp server on your PC, and taking a look at what files the phone is actually asking for.I was forced to do this recently when a 7970 I had refused to boot.This process will delete everything on the phone – certificates, call history, etc – so be warned.(examples here)If the above methods did not work then you’ll likely have to try something more drastic.

This preparation also happens to be the procedure for upgrading a Cisco IP phone firmware.From that information, the steps to configure the following phone models has been confirmed: 7940, 7960, 7945, 7965, 7970, and Communicator (softphone).A Cisco 7975 was not available for testing, however, the 79X5 models have standardized configuration templates and the information for these units should apply (We are still trying to acquire one to confirm this).With Vo IP technology growing so rapidly, the marketplace so too has an ever growing selection of hardware options available for system implementations.The Cisco IP Phone series has solidified its position in the community as the leader of high quality and reliable hardware with feature rich firmware and a good range of supported protocols.

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